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Project Risk Management Consulting & Software


Project risk management is an essential part of successful project management. It forces your team to look forward and identify events that may have a negative impact on your project. Project risk management also stimulates your team to find ways to avoid these negative events or to reduce their impact.

Amventure is a consultancy in the Netherlands that is specialised in project controls and project risk management. We offer online project risk management as a service in all major languages. We can support your project with risk assessment, risk reporting, risks analyses and advising on possible ways to mitigate them. Our clients are government agencies and companies in energy, construction, infrastructure and IT. We use this broad experience to provide you with the best practices, lessons learned and benchmarks of many other projects.


Risk assessment

We make an independent risk assessment of your project. We use your product documentation and online interviews with your team to identify the major risks for your project. We can do this at the start of your project, periodically or at the start of a new project phase. You receive a report with our findings and advice.


Risk management

We work with your team on how to mitigate your project risks. Every month we create an update of project risks, risk measures and their status. You receive a monthly report of your project risks, the status of risk measures and an analyses of the risk impact on cost and planning.


Monte Carlo analysis

We can run a Monte Carlo analyses on the impact of your project risks on your planning en cost estimates. This provides you with a deeper insight of the validity of your planning and cost forecasting.


Systems engineering

For large projects we offer project risk management as a part of a systems engineering tool called Relatics. This allows you to connect your risks to your development process, requirements, system objects and stakeholders.


Project risk management training

We provide an online training course about project risk management. We teach you about effective project risk management by working on 8 different case studies. We review your answers and provide valuable feedback. You can participate in your own language. The next course will start in August 2023 and the participation fee is €490. Project risk management is also included in our online training course for project controls. This course also includes financieel project control and planning. The participation fee for the project controls course is €890.

For more information, please contact us on info@amventure.nl